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Aboulker, P, Charbit, P, Chudnovsky, M, Trotignon, N and Vuskovic, K (2012) LexBFS, structure and algorithms.

Abásolo, I. and Tsuchiya, A. (2012) Blood Donation as a Public Good: an Empirical Investigation of the Free-Rider. Working Paper. Department of Economics, University of Sheffield ISSN 1749-8368

Abásolo, I. and Tsuchiya, A. (2012) Blood donation as a public good: an empirical investigation of the free-rider. Working Paper. Department of Economics, University of Sheffield ISSN 1749-8368

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Alexander, Robin John (2012) Neither national nor a curriculum? Forum. pp. 369-384. ISSN 0963-8253

Alfaifi, AYG and Atwell, ES (2012) المدونات اللغوية لمتعلمي اللغة العربية: نظامٌ لتصنيف وترميز الأخطاء اللغوية "Arabic Learner Corpora (ALC): A Taxonomy of Coding Errors". In: UNSPECIFIED 8th International Computing Conference in Arabic (ICCA 2012), Cairo, Egypt. International Computing Conference in Arabic , Cairo, Egypt .

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Ayob, Mohd Zaki Bin and Chesmore, David (2012) Hybrid feature extractor for harlequin ladybird identification using color images. In: Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB), 2012-05-09 - 2012-05-12, San Diego.


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