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Jensen, O.B., Martin, M. and Löchtefeld, M. (2021) Pedestrians as floating life - on the reinvention of the pedestrian city. Emotion, Space and Society, 41. 100846. ISSN 1755-4586

Deas, I., Martin, M. and Hincks, S. (2021) Viewpoint: Temporary urban uses in response to COVID-19 : bolstering resilience via short-term experimental solutions. Town Planning Review, 92 (1). pp. 81-88. ISSN 0041-0020

Martin, M., Hincks, S. and Deas, I. (2020) Temporary use in England's core cities: Looking beyond the exceptional. Urban Studies, 57 (16). pp. 3381-3401. ISSN 0042-0980

Guye, S., Röcke, C., Martin, M. et al. (1 more author) (2020) Functional ability in everyday life: are associations with an engaged lifestyle mediated by working memory? The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 75 (9). pp. 1873-1883. ISSN 1079-5014

Coleman, R., Finkelstein, D.M., Barrios, C. et al. (14 more authors) (2020) Adjuvant denosumab in early breast cancer (D-CARE) : an international, multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase 3 trial. The Lancet Oncology, 21 (1). pp. 60-72. ISSN 1470-2045

Martin, M., Deas, I. and Hincks, S. (2019) The role of temporary use in urban regeneration : ordinary and extraordinary approaches in Bristol and Liverpool. Planning Practice and Research, 34 (5). pp. 537-557. ISSN 0269-7459

Liao, M., Chen, S., Huo, S. et al. (12 more authors) (2017) Monolithically Integrated Electrically Pumped Continuous-Wave III-V Quantum Dot Light Sources on Silicon. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23 (6). ISSN 1077-260X

Zimmermann, K., von Bastian, C.C., Röcke, C. et al. (2 more authors) (2016) Transfer after process-based object-location memory training in healthy older adults. Psychology and Aging, 31 (7). pp. 798-814. ISSN 0882-7974

Lipton, A., Fizazi, K., Stopeck, A.T. et al. (12 more authors) (2016) Effect of denosumab versus zoledronic acid in preventing skeletal-related events in patients with bone metastases by baseline characteristics. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, 53. pp. 75-83. ISSN 0959-8049

Moore, H.D.M., Martin, M. and Birkhead, T.R. (1999) No evidence for killer sperm or other selective interactions between human spermatozoa in ejaculates of different males in vitro. Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B: Biological Sciences, 266 (1436). p. 2343. ISSN 1471-2954

Book Section

Brail, S., Martin, M., Munasinghe, J. et al. (2 more authors) (2021) Transnational Experiences of COVID-19: Transferrable Lessons for Urban Planning between the Global South and Global North. In: Filion, P., Doucet, B. and van Melik, R., (eds.) Global Reflections on COVID-19 and Urban inequalities, Volume 4: Policy and Planning. Bristol University Press , Bristol, UK , pp. 145-158. ISBN 9781529219043


Jelic, A., Martin, M., Holst Laursen, L. et al. (3 more authors) (2020) Children, play, and the built environment : what can we learn from co-creation and embodied cognitive science? Report. CoC Playful Minds Research Journals (3). CoC Playful Minds , Billund, Denmark.

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