White Rose Research Online (WRRO) is the jointly-managed repository for research produced by the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.


Our purpose is to:

  1. Provide a long-term home for research outputs from the three Universities, preserving research for posterity.
  2. Provide open access to full-text research wherever possible.
  3. Provide a reliable source of information about the Universities’ research.
  4. Make research easier to find, bringing scholarly works to new audiences inside and outside academia.


The repository contains research outputs of staff from each of the three Universities, including journal articles, books, book chapters, working papers, conference papers, discussion papers, and more. Our aim is to collect full-text versions of research so that our scholars' outputs are made available to a global audience. Where this is not possible due to copyright or other restrictions we create a citation and abstract and link to a publisher's version of the research (where available).

The repository is an online archive. It is not a publisher. There may be differences between the repository copy and the final version of record in published journals. We do not track corrigenda, addenda, subsequent correspondence in the journal, post-peer review comments, or retractions. The validity and authenticity of content is the sole responsibility of authors.


Items in White Rose Research Online are indexed by major academic search engines, including Google Scholar.

As well as being available through White Rose Research Online, items are harvested and/or made discoverable through a number of services including, but not limited to:


The repository is managed jointly by the university libraries of the three partners, through the White Rose Libraries partnership. It was originally created as part of the Jisc/CURL funded SHERPA (Securing a Hybrid Environment for Research Preservation and Access) project.


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