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Newman, J and Hayton, R (2022) The ontological failure of David Cameron’s ‘modernisation’ of the Conservative Party. British Politics, 17 (3). pp. 253-273. ISSN 1746-918X

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Book Section

Hayton, R (2021) The British Conservatives and their competitors in the post-Thatcher era. In: Bale, T and Kaltwasser, CR, (eds.) Riding the Populist Wave: Europe's Mainstream Right in Crisis. Cambridge University Press , Cambridge . ISBN 9781009009058 (In Press)

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Hayton, R (2016) Constructing a new conservatism? Ideology and values. In: Peele, G and Francis, J, (eds.) David Cameron and Conservative Renewal: The Limits of Modernisation? New Perspectives on the Right . Manchester University Press , Manchester, UK . ISBN 9781784991531

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Crines, AS and Hayton, R (2015) Labour orators from Bevan to Miliband. Manchester University Press , Manchester . ISBN 0719089808

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