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Sharma, Rajat, Ungar, Daniel, Dyson, Edward et al. (2 more authors) (2024) Functional magnetic nanoparticles for protein delivery applications : understanding protein-nanoparticle interactions. Nanoscale. ISSN 2040-3372 (In Press)

Mentlak, David A, Raven, John, Moses, Tessa et al. (10 more authors) (2024) Dissecting cell death pathways in fed-batch bioreactors. Biotechnology journal. 2300257. ISSN 1860-7314

West, Ben, Wood, A Jamie and Ungar, Daniel (2021) Computational Modeling of Glycan Processing in the Golgi for Investigating Changes in the Arrangements of Biosynthetic Enzymes. Methods in Molecular Biology. pp. 209-222. ISSN 1064-3745

Bagdonas, Haroldas, Ungar, Daniel and Agirre, Jon (2020) Leveraging glycomics data in glycoprotein 3D structure validation with Privateer. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry. pp. 2523-2533. ISSN 1860-5397

Fisher, Peter, Thomas-Oates, Jane Elizabeth, Wood, Andrew James et al. (1 more author) (2019) The N-glycosylation processing potential of the mammalian Golgi apparatus. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. ISSN 2296-634X

Fisher, Peter, Spencer, Hannah, Thomas-Oates, Jane et al. (2 more authors) (2019) Modeling Glycan Processing Reveals Golgi-Enzyme Homeostasis upon Trafficking Defects and Cellular Differentiation. Cell reports. pp. 1231-1243. ISSN 2211-1247

Witkos, Tomasz M., Chan, Wing Lee, Joensuu, Merja et al. (14 more authors) (2019) GORAB scaffolds COPI at the trans-Golgi for efficient enzyme recycling and correct protein glycosylation. Nature Communications. 127. ISSN 2041-1723

Wilson, Katherine M., Jagger, Alistair M, Walker, Matthew et al. (5 more authors) (2018) Glycans modify mesenchymal stem cell differentiation to impact on the function of resulting osteoblasts. Journal of Cell Science. jcs209452. ISSN 0021-9533

Skeene, Kirsty, Walker, Matthew Joseph, Clarke, Graham et al. (4 more authors) (2017) One filter, one sample and the N- and O-glyco(proteo)me: towards a system to study disorders of protein glycosylation. : Toward a System to Study Disorders of Protein Glycosylation. Analytical Chemistry. pp. 5840-5849. ISSN 0003-2700

Tan, Xiaochao, Banerjee, Priyam, Guo, Hou-Fu et al. (15 more authors) (2017) Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition drives a pro-metastatic Golgi compaction process through scaffolding protein PAQR11. Journal of Clinical Investigation. pp. 117-131. ISSN 1558-8238

Fari, Karolina, Takacs, Sandor, Ungar, Daniel et al. (1 more author) (2016) The role of acroblast formation during Drosophila spermatogenesis. Open Biology. pp. 1102-1110. ISSN 2046-2441

Ha, Jun Yong, Chou, Hui-Ting, Ungar, Daniel et al. (3 more authors) (2016) Molecular architecture of the complete COG tethering complex. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. pp. 758-760. ISSN 1545-9993

Ungar, Daniel, Wilson, Katherine M., Thomas-Oates, Jane Elizabeth et al. (1 more author) (2016) Glycan profiling shows unvaried N-glycomes in MSC clones with distinct differentiation potentials. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. 52. ISSN 2296-634X

Bailey Blackburn, Jessica, Pokrovskaya, Irina, Fisher, Peter et al. (2 more authors) (2016) COG Complex Complexities : Detailed Characterization of a Complete Set of HEK293T Cells Lacking Individual COG Subunits. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. 23. ISSN 2296-634X

Fisher, Peter and Ungar, Daniel (2016) Bridging the Gap between Glycosylation and Vesicle Traffic. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. 15. ISSN 2296-634X

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