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Cheshire, Jenny, Kerswill, Paul, Fox, Susan et al. (1 more author) (2011) Contact, the feature pool and the speech community : The emergence of Multicultural London English. Journal of Sociolinguistics. 151–196. ISSN 1360-6441

Cheshire, Jenny, Fox, Susan, Kerswill, Paul et al. (1 more author) (2008) Ethnicity, friendship network and social practices as the motor of dialect change : linguistic innovation in London. Sociolinguistica. pp. 1-23. ISSN 1865-939X

Kerswill, Paul and Torgersen, Eivind (2008) Reversing ‘drift’ : Innovation and diffusion in the London diphthong system. Language Variation and Change. 451–491. ISSN 1469-8021

Kerswill, Paul and Williams, Ann (2005) New towns and koineization : linguistic and social correlates. Linguistics. pp. 1023-1048. ISSN 0024-3949

Kerswill, Paul and Williams, Ann (2000) Creating a new town koine : children and language change in Milton Keynes. Language in Society. pp. 65-115. ISSN 1469-8013

Book Section

Kerswill, Paul (2018) Dialect formation and dialect change in the Industrial Revolution : British vernacular English in the nineteenth century. In: Wright, Laura, (ed.) Southern English Varieties Then and Now. De Gruyter , pp. 8-38.

Kerswill, Paul and Torgersen, Eivind (2017) London’s Cockney in the twentieth century : Stability or cycles of contact-driven change? In: Hickey, Raymond, (ed.) Listening to the Past. Cambridge University Press , Cambridge , pp. 85-113.

Kerswill, Paul (2014) The objectification of ‘Jafaican’ : the discoursal embedding of Multicultural London English in the British media. In: Androutsopoulos, Jannis, (ed.) The Media and Sociolinguistic Change. De Gruyter , Berlin , 428–455.

Kerswill, Paul, Cheshire, Jenny, Fox, Susan et al. (1 more author) (2013) English as a contact language : the role of children and adolescents. In: Schreier, Daniel and Hundt, Marianne, (eds.) English as a contact language. Studies in English Language . Cambridge University Press , Cambridge , pp. 258-282.

Kerswill, Paul (2013) Identity, ethnicity and place : the construction of youth language in London. In: Auer, Peter, Hilpert, Martin, Stukenbrock, Anja and Szmrecsanyi, Benedikt, (eds.) Space in language and linguistics. linguae and litterae . De Gruyter , pp. 128-164.

Kerswill, Paul (2012) Language variation 1 - social factors : class and ethnicity. In: Clayton, Dan, (ed.) Language. English and Media Centre , London , pp. 23-43.

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Kerswill, Paul (2010) Sociolinguistic approaches to language change : phonology. In: Wodak, Ruth, Johnstone, Barbara and Kerswill, Paul, (eds.) Sage handbook of sociolinguistics. SAGE , London , pp. 219-235.

Kerswill, Paul (2009) Language and social class. In: Culpeper, Jonathan, Katamba, Francis, Kerswill, Paul, McEnery, Anthony, Wodak, Ruth and McEnery, Tony, (eds.) English language. Palgrave Macmillan , Basingstoke , pp. 358-372.

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