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Andersen, Simone, Carpenter, Lucy Jane, Reed, Chris et al. (19 more authors) (2023) Extensive field evidence for the release of HONO from the photolysis of nitrate aerosols. Science Advances. eadd6266. ISSN 2375-2548

Furlani, Teles, Ye, RenXi, Stewart, Jordan et al. (4 more authors) (2023) Development and validation of a new in situ technique to measure total gaseous chlorine in air. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 181–193. ISSN 1867-8548

Gómez Alvarez, Elena, Carslaw, Nicola, Dusanter, Sébastien et al. (8 more authors) (2022) Techniques for measuring indoor radicals and radical precursors. Applied Spectroscopy Reviews. ISSN 1520-569X

Hamilton, Jacqui, Bryant, Dan, Edwards, Peter et al. (26 more authors) (2021) Key role of NO3 radicals in the production of isoprene nitrates and nitrooxyorganosulfates in Beijing. Environmental Science and Technology. 842–853. ISSN 1520-5851

de Gouw, J. A., Parrish, D. D., Brown, S. S. et al. (15 more authors) (2019) Hydrocarbon Removal in Power Plant Plumes Shows Nitrogen Oxide Dependence of Hydroxyl Radicals. Geophysical Research Letters. pp. 7752-7760. ISSN 0094-8276

Womack, C. C., McDuffie, E. E., Edwards, Peter et al. (27 more authors) (2019) An odd oxygen framework for wintertime ammonium nitrate aerosol pollution in urban areas: NOx and VOC control as mitigation strategies. Geophysical Research Letters. ISSN 0094-8276

Meidan, Daphne, Holloway, John S., Edwards, Peter et al. (10 more authors) (2019) Role of Criegee Intermediates in Secondary Sulfate Aerosol Formation in Nocturnal Power Plant Plumes in the Southeast US. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. ISSN 2472-3452

Fry, J. L., Brown, S. S., Middlebrook, A. M. et al. (15 more authors) (2018) Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) yields from NO3 radical + isoprene based on nighttime aircraft power plant plume transects. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 16. pp. 11663-11682. ISSN 1680-7324

Edwards, Peter, Aikin, K. C., Dube, W. P. et al. (22 more authors) (2017) Transition from high- to low-NOx control of night-time oxidation in the southeastern US. Nature Geoscience. pp. 490-495. ISSN 1752-0908

Warneke, C., Trainer, M., de Gouw, J. A. et al. (48 more authors) (2016) Instrumentation and Measurement Strategy for the NOAA SENEX Aircraft Campaign as Part of the Southeast Atmosphere Study 2013. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. pp. 3063-3093. ISSN 1867-8548

Stone, Daniel, Whalley, Lisa K., Ingham, Trevor et al. (5 more authors) (2016) Measurement of OH reactivity by laser flash photolysis coupled with laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. pp. 2827-2844. ISSN 1867-8548

Lewis, Alastair and Edwards, Peter (2016) Validate personal air-pollution sensors. Nature. pp. 29-31. ISSN 0028-0836

Min, K.-E., Washenfelder, R. A., Dubé, W. P. et al. (8 more authors) (2016) A broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectrometer for aircraft measurements of glyoxal, methylglyoxal, nitrous acid, nitrogen dioxide, and water vapor. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. pp. 423-440. ISSN 1867-8548

Wild, R. J., Edwards, Peter, Bates, T. S. et al. (21 more authors) (2016) Reactive nitrogen partitioning and its relationship to winter ozone events in Utah. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. pp. 573-583. ISSN 1680-7324

McDuffie, Erin E., Edwards, Peter, Gilman, Jessica B. et al. (21 more authors) (2016) Influence of Oil and Gas Emissions on Summertime Ozone in the Colorado Northern Front Range. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. pp. 8712-8729. ISSN 2169-8996

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