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Bain, J., Ruiz-Perez, L., Kennerley, A.J. et al. (4 more authors) (2015) In situ formation of magnetopolymersomes via electroporation for MRI. Scientific Reports, 5. 14311 . ISSN 2045-2322


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Das, D., Haas, R., Veltien, A. et al. (2 more authors) (2015) Complex 1 deficiency in the brain of mice causes white matter lesions, defective energy metabolism and morphology, and increased perfusion. In: Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine. ESMRMB 2015, 01.10.15 - 03.10.15, Edinburgh, UK. Springer Berlin Heidelberg , pp. 110-111.

de Haas, R., Das, D., Garanto, A. et al. (10 more authors) (2017) Therapeutic effects of the mitochondrial ROS-redox modulator KH176 in a mammalian model of Leigh Disease. Scientific Reports, 7 (1). 11733. ISSN 2045-2322


Grant, R.A., Sharp, P.S., Kennerley, A.J. et al. (4 more authors) (2014) Abnormalities in whisking behaviour are associated with lesions in brain stem nuclei in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Behavioural Brain Research , 259. pp. 274-283. ISSN 0166-4328


Jackson, J., Lawson, C.S., Adelmant, C. et al. (9 more authors) (2022) Short‐range multispectral imaging is an inexpensive, fast, and accurate approach to estimate biodiversity in a temperate calcareous grassland. Ecology and Evolution, 12 (12). e9623. ISSN 2045-7758


Kazan, S.M., Mohammadi, S., Callaghan, M.F. et al. (6 more authors) (2016) Vascular autorescaling of fMRI (VasA fMRI) improves sensitivity of population studies: A pilot study. NeuroImage, 124 (A). pp. 794-805. ISSN 1053-8119

Kennerley, A.J., Mayhew, J.E., Redgrave, P. et al. (1 more author) (2010) Vascular Origins of BOLD and CBV fMRI Signals: Statistical Mapping and Histological Sections Compared. Open Neuroimaging Journal, 4. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1874-4400


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van der Pluijm, I., Burger, J., van Heijningen, P.M. et al. (21 more authors) (2018) Decreased mitochondrial respiration in aneurysmal aortas of Fibulin-4 mutant mice is linked to PGC1A regulation. Cardiovascular Research, 114 (13). pp. 1776-1793. ISSN 0008-6363

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