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O'Mara, T.A., Glubb, D.M., Amant, F. et al. (122 more authors) (2018) Identification of nine new susceptibility loci for endometrial cancer. Nature Communications, 9. 3166.

Petela, N.J., Gligoris, T.G., Metson, J. et al. (11 more authors) (2018) Scc2 Is a Potent Activator of Cohesin’s ATPase that Promotes Loading by Binding Scc1 without Pds5. Molecular Cell, 70 (6). 1134-1148.e7. ISSN 1097-2765

Ren, Z., Kan, Q., Ran, G. et al. (11 more authors) (2017) Hybrid single-mode laser based on graphene Bragg gratings on silicon. Optics Letters, 42 (11). pp. 2134-2137. ISSN 0146-9592

Abbott, B.P., Abbott, R., Abbott, T.D. et al. (975 more authors) (2016) GW151226: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a 22-Solar-Mass Binary Black Hole Coalescence. Physical Review Letters, 116 (24). p. 241103. ISSN 0031-9007

Martynov, D.V., Hall, E.D., Abbott, B.P. et al. (253 more authors) (2016) Sensitivity of the Advanced LIGO detectors at the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy. Physical Review D, 93 (11). 112004. ISSN 2470-0010

Wang, L., Topham, P.D., Mykhaylyk, O.O. et al. (4 more authors) (2015) Self-Assembly-Driven Electrospinning: The Transition from Fibers to Intact Beaded Morphologies. Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 36 (15). pp. 1437-1443. ISSN 1022-1336

Gan, Y., Liu, C., Yu, H. et al. (1 more author) (2007) Integration of cytokinin and gibberellin signalling by Arabidopsis transcription factors GIS, ZFP8 and GIS2 in the regulation of epidermal cell fate. Development, 134. pp. 2073-2081. ISSN 0950-1991

Gan, Y., Kumimoto, R., Liu, C. et al. (3 more authors) (2006) GLABROUS INFLORESCENCE STEMS modulates the regulation by gibberellins of epidermal differentiation and shoot maturation in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell, 18. pp. 1383-1395. ISSN 1040-4651

Proceedings Paper

Yu, H. and Foster, J. (2017) Towards information governance of data value chains: Balancing the value and risks of data within a financial services company. In: Uden, L., Lu, W. and Ting, I.-H., (eds.) Knowledge Management in Organizations (KMO 2017). KMO: 12th International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations (KMO 2017), 21-24 Aug 2017, Beijing, China. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 731 . Springer Verlag , pp. 336-346. ISBN 978-3-319-62697-0

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