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Talbot, J., Brion, R., Lamora, A. et al. (4 more authors) (2017) Connexin43 intercellular communication drives the early differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells into osteoblasts. Journal of Cellular Physiology. ISSN 0021-9541

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Rodriguez Calleja, L., Jacques, C., Lamoureux, F. et al. (13 more authors) (2016) ΔNp63α silences a microRNA program to aberrantly initiate a wound healing program that promotes TGFβ-induced metastasis. Cancer Research, 76 (11). pp. 3236-3251. ISSN 0008-5472

Ory, B., Baud'huin, M.E., Verrecchia, F. et al. (7 more authors) (2016) Blocking HSP90 Addiction Inhibits Tumor Cell Proliferation, Metastasis Development, and Synergistically Acts with Zoledronic Acid to Delay Osteosarcoma Progression. Clinical Cancer Research, 22 (10). pp. 2520-2533. ISSN 1078-0432

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Talbot, J., Brion, R., Picarda, G. et al. (8 more authors) (2013) Loss of connexin43 expression in Ewing's sarcoma cells favors the development of the primary tumor and the associated bone osteolysis. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease, 1832 (4). pp. 553-564. ISSN 0925-4439

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