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Fouvry, S. and Kubiak, K.J. (2009) Introduction of a fretting-fatigue mapping concept: Development of a dual crack nucleation - crack propagation approach to formalize fretting-fatigue damage. International Journal of Fatigue, 31 (2). 250 - 262. ISSN 0142-1123

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Proceedings Paper

Liskiewicz, T., Fouvry, S. and Wendler, B. (2005) Hard coatings durability under fretting wear. In: Dowson, D., Priest, M., Dalmaz, G. and Lubrecht, A.A., (eds.) Life Cycle Tribology. 31st Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, 7 - 10 September 2004, Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds, UK. Tribology and Interface Engineering Series (48). , pp. 657-665. ISBN 9780444516879

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