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Brown, AE, Ford, JS, Bale, CSE et al. (6 more authors) (2020) An assessment of road-verge grass as a feedstock for farm-fed anaerobic digestion plants. Biomass and Bioenergy, 138. 105570. ISSN 0961-9534

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Book Section

Bale, CSE (2016) National energy policy, locally delivered: the role of cities. In: Heffron, RJ and Little, GFM, (eds.) Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US: A Reader. Edinburgh University Press , Edinburgh, UK . ISBN 9780748696796

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Bale, CSE, Bush, R and Taylor, P (2016) Spatial mapping tools for district heating (DH): helping local authorities tackle fuel poverty. Report. Chesshire Lehmann Fund

Conference or Workshop Item

Bush, R, Bale, CSE, Taylor, P et al. (1 more author) (2014) To what extent is the Heat Network Delivery Unit successful in its support of local authorities? In: International Workshop on Research Findings on Sustainable Heating Provisions and Cities: Theory, Practice and Future Implications, 2 October 2014, Edinburgh, UK. (Unpublished)

Proceedings Paper

Bush, RE and Bale, CSE (2017) The role of intermediaries in the transition to district heating. In: Energy Procedia. 15th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling 2016, 04-07 Sep 2016, Seoul, South Korea. Elsevier , pp. 490-499.

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Bale, CSE, McCullen, NJ, Foxon, TJ et al. (1 more author) (2013) An evaluation of local authority social network interventions for the promotion of energy efficiency measures in the domestic sector. In: ECEEE Summer Study Proceedings. eceee 2013 Summer Study, 3–8 June 2013, Belambra Les Criques, Toulon/Hyères, France. eceee , 747 - 456. ISBN 978-91-980482-3-0

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