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Webb, J., Springthorpe, V., Rossoni, L. et al. (11 more authors) (2019) Systems analyses reveal the resilience of Escherichia coli physiology during accumulation and export of the nonnative organic acid citramalate. mSystems, 4 (4). e00187-19. ISSN 2379-5077

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Rosa, L.T., Bianconi, M.E., Thomas, G.H. et al. (1 more author) (2018) Tripartite ATP-Independent Periplasmic (TRAP) Transporters and Tripartite Tricarboxylate Transporters (TTT): From Uptake to Pathogenicity. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 8. 33. ISSN 2235-2988

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Proceedings Paper

Cooper, N., Thomas, G.H. and FitzJohn, R.G. (2016) Shedding light on the ‘dark side’ of phylogenetic comparative methods. In: Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 5th Anniversary Symposium of Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 22/04/2015, London, UK / Calgary, Canada. Wiley , pp. 693-699.

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