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Bennett, C.D. (2018) The alteration thesis: forgiveness as a normative power. Philosophy and Public Affairs. ISSN 0048-3915

Bennett, C.D. (2017) Invisible Punishment Is Wrong, But Why? The Normative Basis of Criticism of Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 56 (4). pp. 480-499. ISSN 0265-5527

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Bennett, C.D. (2016) Expression, Freedom of Speech and the State. Jurisprudence. ISSN 2040-3321 (In Press)

Bennett, C.D. (2015) A Review of David Owens, Shaping the Normative Landscape. Jurisprudence, 6 (2). pp. 364-370. ISSN 2040-3321

Book Section

Bennett, C.D. (2018) Intrusive Intervention and Opacity Respect. In: Birks, D. and Douglas, T., (eds.) Treatment for Crime: Philosophical Essays on Neurointerventions in Criminal Justice. Engaging Philosophy . Oxford University Press , Oxford . ISBN 9780198758617

Bennett, C.D. (2017) Retributivism and Totality: Can Bulk Discounts for Multiple Offending Fit the Crime? In: Ryberg, J., Roberts, J.V. and De Keijser, J., (eds.) Sentencing for Multiple Crimes. Studies in Penal Theory and Philosophy . Oxford University Press , pp. 57-74. ISBN 9780190607609

Bennett, C.D. (2017) Grace, Freedom, and the Expression of Emotion: Schiller and the Critique of Kant. In: Cohen, A. and Stern, R., (eds.) Thinking about the Emotions: A Philosophical History. Mind Association Occasional Series . Oxford University Press , Oxford , pp. 184-205. ISBN 9780198766858

Bennett, C.D. (2016) Why Greater Public Participation in Criminal Justice? In: Dzur, A., Loader, I. and Sparks, R., (eds.) Democratic Theory and Mass Incarceration. Oxford University Press , Oxford . ISBN 9780190243098

Bennett, C.D. (2016) The Role of Remorse in Criminal Justice. In: Tonry, M., (ed.) Oxford Handbook Online in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Oxford Handbooks Online . Oxford University Press .

Bennett, C.D. (2016) Expressive Actions. In: Abell, C. and Smith, J., (eds.) Emotional Expression: Philosophical, Psychological and Legal Perspectives. Cambridge University Press , Cambridge , pp. 73-94. ISBN 9781316275672

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Bennett, C.D. (2011) Do Repeat and Multiple Offenders Pose a Problem for Retributive Sentencing Theory? In: Ryberg, J. and Tamburrini, C., (eds.) Recidivist Punishments: the Philosopher's View. Lexington Books , Lanham MA . ISBN 9780739149966

Proceedings Paper

Bennett, C.D. (2017) How Should We Argue for Censure Theory? In: Penal Censure: Engagements Within and Beyond Desert Theory. Penal Censure: An Anniversary Reconsideration, October 2016, Cambridge, UK. Hart Publishing , Oxford . ISBN 9781509919802 (In Press)

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