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Barbulescu, R and Favell, A (2020) Commentary: A Citizenship without Social Rights? EU Freedom of Movement and Changing Access to Welfare Rights. International Migration, 58 (1). pp. 151-165. ISSN 0020-7985

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Book Section

Barbulescu, R and Beckett, A (2019) 'The Girl from Aleppo: Nujeen’s Escape from War to Freedom’. In: Couser, T and Mintz, SB, (eds.) Disability Experiences 2 Volume Set. Disability Experiences, 2 volume set . St James Press , United States of America . ISBN 9781410388049

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Barbulescu, R (2012) What do newspapers say when they talk about immigrants in times of economic crisis? Evidence from Spain. Accept Pluralism Blog.

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