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Batchelor, M, Wolny, M, Baker, EG et al. (3 more authors) (2018) Dynamic ion pair behavior stabilizes single alpha helices in proteins. J Biol Chem.

Bate, N, Caves, RE, Skinner, SP et al. (4 more authors) (2018) A Novel Mechanism for Calmodulin Dependent Inactivation of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 6. Biochemistry, 57 (18). pp. 2611-2622. ISSN 0006-2960

Bunney, TD, Inglis, AJ, Sanfelice, D et al. (9 more authors) (2018) Disease variants of FGFR3 reveal molecular basis for the recognition and new roles for Cdc37 in Hsp90 chaperone system. Structure, 26 (3). pp. 446-458. ISSN 0969-2126

Burslem, G, Kyle, H, Breeze, AL et al. (4 more authors) (2016) Towards “Bionic” Proteins: Replacement of Continuous Sequences from HIF-1α with Proteomimetics to Create Functional p300 Binding HIF-1α Mimics. Chemical Communications, 52 (31). pp. 5421-5424. ISSN 1359-7345


Farrell, B and Breeze, A (2018) Structure, activation and dysregulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor kinases: perspectives for clinical targeting. Biochemical Society Transactions, 46 (6). pp. 1753-1770. ISSN 0300-5127


Henrique dos Santos Rodrigues, F, Firczuk, H, Breeze, A et al. (5 more authors) (2019) The Leishmania PABP1–eIF4E4 interface: a novel 5′–3′ interaction architecture for trans-spliced mRNAs. Nucleic Acids Research, 47 (3). pp. 1493-1504. ISSN 0305-1048

Hewitt, SH, Filby, MH, Hayes, E et al. (4 more authors) (2017) Protein surface mimetics: understanding how ruthenium tris(bipyridines) interact with proteins. ChemBioChem, 18 (2). pp. 223-231. ISSN 1439-7633


Karamanos, TK, Pashley, CL, Kalverda, AP et al. (4 more authors) (2016) A population shift between sparsely populated folding intermediates determines amyloidogenicity. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138 (19). pp. 6271-6280. ISSN 0002-7863

Kumar, A, Kuhn, LT and Balbach, J (2018) A Cu2+ complex induces the aggregation of human papillomavirus oncoprotein E6 and stabilizes p53. The FEBS journal. ISSN 1742-464X


Lescanne, M, Skinner, SP, Blok, A et al. (5 more authors) (2017) Methyl group assignment using pseudocontact shifts with PARAssign. Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 69 (4). pp. 183-195. ISSN 0925-2738


Ma, J, McLeod, S, Maccormack, K et al. (4 more authors) (2014) Real-time monitoring of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase activity in living bacterial cells by 1HNMR spectroscopy. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 53 (8). pp. 2130-2133. ISSN 1433-7851


Pandya, MJ, Schiffers, S, Hounslow, AM et al. (2 more authors) (2018) Why the energy landscape of barnase is hierarchical. Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 5. 115.


Sanfelice, D, Koss, H, Bunney, TD et al. (4 more authors) (2018) NMR backbone assignments of the tyrosine kinase domain of human fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 in apo state and in complex with inhibitor PD173074. Biomolecular NMR Assignments, 12 (2). pp. 231-235. ISSN 1874-2718

Schnieders, R, Richter, C, Warhaut, S et al. (10 more authors) (2017) Evaluation of (15)N-detected H-N correlation experiments on increasingly large RNAs. Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 69 (1). pp. 31-44. ISSN 1573-5001

Skinner, SP, Fogh, RH, Boucher, W et al. (3 more authors) (2016) CcpNmr AnalysisAssign: a flexible platform for integrated NMR analysis. Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 66 (2). pp. 111-124. ISSN 0925-2738


Teixeira, JMC, Skinner, SP, Arbesú, M et al. (2 more authors) (2018) Farseer-NMR: automatic treatment, analysis and plotting of large, multi-variable NMR data. Journal of Biomolecular NMR, 71 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 0925-2738

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