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Barnard, A, Long, K, Martin, HL et al. (5 more authors) (2015) Selective and potent proteomimetic inhibitors of intracellular protein-protein interactions. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 54 (10). pp. 2960-2965. ISSN 1433-7851

Burslem, G, Kyle, H, Breeze, AL et al. (4 more authors) (2016) Towards “Bionic” Proteins: Replacement of Continuous Sequences from HIF-1α with Proteomimetics to Create Functional p300 Binding HIF-1α Mimics. Chemical Communications, 52 (31). pp. 5421-5424. ISSN 1359-7345

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Davies, K, Afrough, B, Mankouri, J et al. (3 more authors) (2019) Tula orthohantavirus nucleocapsid protein is cleaved in infected cells and may sequester activated caspase-3 during persistent infection to suppress apoptosis. Journal of General Virology, 100 (8). pp. 1208-1221. ISSN 0022-1317

Fuller, J, Surtees, RA, Shaw, AB et al. (7 more authors) (2019) Hazara nairovirus elicits differential induction of apoptosis and nucleocapsid protein cleavage in mammalian and tick cells. The Journal of General Virology, 100 (3). pp. 392-402. ISSN 0022-1317

Hetherington, K, Hegedus, Z, Edwards, TA et al. (3 more authors) (2020) Stapled Peptides as HIF‐1α/p300 Inhibitors: Helicity Enhancement in the Bound State Increases Inhibitory Potency. Chemistry: A European Journal. ISSN 0947-6539

Hoste, ACR, Ruiz, T, Fernández‐Pacheco, P et al. (8 more authors) (2020) Development of a multiplex assay for antibody detection in serum against pathogens affecting ruminants. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. ISSN 1865-1674

Hughes, DJ, Tiede, C, Penswick, N et al. (12 more authors) (2017) Generation of specific inhibitors of SUMO-1– and SUMO-2/3–mediated protein-protein interactions using Affimer (Adhiron) technology. Science Signaling, 10 (505). eaaj2005. ISSN 1945-0877

Ibarra, AA, Bartlett, GJ, Hegedüs, Z et al. (10 more authors) (2019) Predicting and Experimentally Validating Hot-spot Residues at Protein-Protein Interfaces. ACS Chemical Biology, 14 (10). pp. 2252-2263. ISSN 1554-8929

Nicholson, D, Edwards, TA, O'Neill, AJ et al. (1 more author) (2020) Structure of the 70S ribosome from the human pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii in complex with clinically-relevant antibiotics. Structure. ISSN 0969-2126

Selvaraj, M, Yegambaram, K, Todd, EJAA et al. (10 more authors) (2018) The structure of the human respiratory syncytial virus M2-1 protein bound to the interaction domain of the phosphoprotein P defines the orientation of the complex. mBio, 9 (6). e01554-18.

Smith, C, Whitehouse, L, Poulter, J et al. (8 more authors) (2020) A missense variant in specificity protein 6 (SP6) is associated with amelogenesis imperfecta. Human Molecular Genetics. ISSN 0964-6906

Stevenson, SR, Kamisugi, Y, Trinh, CH et al. (15 more authors) (2016) Genetic analysis of Physcomitrella patens identifies ABSCISIC ACID NON-RESPONSIVE, a regulator of ABA responses unique to basal land plants and required for desiccation tolerance. Plant Cell, 28 (6). pp. 1310-1327. ISSN 1040-4651

Surtees, R, Dowall, SD, Shaw, A et al. (7 more authors) (2016) Heat Shock Protein 70 family members interact with Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus and Hazara virus nucleocapsid proteins and perform a functional role in the nairovirus replication cycle. Journal of Virology, 90 (20). pp. 9305-9316. ISSN 0022-538X

Tanner, S, Ariza, A, Richard, CA et al. (12 more authors) (2014) Crystal structure of the essential transcription antiterminator M2-1 protein of human respiratory syncytial virus and implications of its phosphorylation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, 111 (4). pp. 1580-1585. ISSN 1091-6490

van der Hoek, L, Verschoor, E, Beer, M et al. (21 more authors) (2018) Host switching pathogens, infectious outbreaks and zoonosis: A Marie Skłodowska-Curie innovative training network (HONOURs). Virus Research, 257. pp. 120-124. ISSN 0168-1702

Álvarez-Rodríguez, B, Tiede, C, Hoste, ACR et al. (11 more authors) (2020) Characterization and applications of a Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus nucleoprotein-specific Affimer: Inhibitory effects in viral replication and development of colorimetric diagnostic tests. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 14 (6). e0008364. ISSN 1935-2727

Book Section

Muniyandi, S, Pangratiou, G, Edwards, TA et al. (1 more author) (2018) Structure and Function of the Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus M2–1 Protein. In: Harris, JR and Bhella, D, (eds.) Virus Protein and Nucleoprotein Complexes. Subcellular Biochemistry, 88 . Springer Singapore , Singapore , pp. 245-260.

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