2. Aims and Objectives

With knowledge of the urgent need to analyse Star Carr artefacts and the need to implement more rigorous methodologies within the discipline of residues analysis, the following aims and objectives were defined:

  1. To assess the extent of lithic residue preservation at Star Carr in order to determine which types of residues are preserved within the experimental timeframe and archaeological burial conditions. This then will provide site-specific information about residue preservation, making it possible to formulate expectations of the state of preservation of archaeological residues on lithics from Star Carr.
  2. To establish which residue types contain diagnostic traits that can be used for microscopic identification of residues. Examination of experimentally produced residues in the fresh state makes it possible to distinguish between residues that have either 1) microscopically diagnostic characteristics, 2) distinctive but not diagnostic characteristics, or 3) no distinctive characteristics.
  3. To assess the rate at which residue diagenesis occurs at Star Carr by considering change over both 1 month and 11 month intervals.


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