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Carré, M.J., Tan, S.K., Mylon, P.T. et al. (1 more author) (2017) Influence of Medical Gloves on Fingerpad Friction and Feel. Wear. ISSN 0043-1648 (In Press)


Aaboud, M, Aad, G, Abbott, B et al. (83 more authors) (2017) Measurement of the prompt J/ ψ pair production cross-section in pp collisions at √s=8 TeV with the ATLAS detector. European Physical Journal C, 77 (2). ISSN 1434-6044

Aaboud, M, Aad, G, Abbott, B et al. (22 more authors) (2017) Search for dark matter in association with a Higgs boson decaying to b-quarks in pp collisions at s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector. Physics Letters B, 765. pp. 11-31. ISSN 0370-2693

Aaboud, M, Aad, G, Abbott, B et al. (22 more authors) (2017) Search for new resonances decaying to a W or Z boson and a Higgs boson in the ℓ<sup>+</sup>ℓ<sup>−</sup>bb¯, ℓνbb¯, and νν¯bb¯ channels with pp collisions at s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector. Physics Letters B, 765. pp. 32-52. ISSN 0370-2693

Aaboud, M., Aad, G., Abbott, B. et al. (17 more authors) (2017) Search for heavy resonances decaying to a Z boson and a photon in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector. Physics Letters B, 764. pp. 11-30. ISSN 0370-2693

Aaboud, M., Aad, G., Abbott, B. et al. (81 more authors) (2017) Measurements of charge and CP asymmetries in b-hadron decays using top-quark events collected by the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at √s=8 TeV. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017 (2). 71. ISSN 1126-6708

Aad, G, Abbott, B, Abdallah, J et al. (81 more authors) (2017) Search for lepton-flavour-violating decays of the Higgs and Z bosons with the ATLAS detector. European Physical Journal C, 77 (2). ISSN 1434-6044

Abbott, Jane, Berrington, Janet, Bowler, Ursula et al. (11 more authors) (2017) The Speed of Increasing milk Feeds : a randomised controlled trial. BMC Pediatrics. pp. 1-9. ISSN 1471-2431

Abdelgaied, A, Fisher, J and Jennings, LM (2017) A comparison between electromechanical and pneumatic-controlled knee simulators for the investigation of wear of total knee replacements. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine. ISSN 0954-4119 (In Press)

Abdelrehim, Neveen Talaat Hassan, Linsley, Philip Mark and Verma, Shraddha (2017) Understanding risk disclosures as a function of social organisation: : a neo-Durkheimian institutional theory-based study of Burmah Oil Company 1971–1976. British Accounting Review. pp. 103-116. ISSN 0890-8389

Abdul-Sada, H, Muller, M, Mehta, R et al. (4 more authors) (2017) The PP4R1 sub-unit of protein phosphatase PP4 is essential for inhibition of NF-kB by Merkel Polyomavirus small Tumour antigen. Oncotarget. ISSN 1949-2553

Abdullah, M., Rossiter, J.A. and Haber, R. (2017) Development of Constrained Predictive Functional Control using Laguerre Function Based Prediction. In: IFAC papers online. IFAC 2017 World Congress, 09/07/2017 - 14/07/2017, Toulouse, France. Elsevier . (In Press)

Abedi Esfahani, E, Morina, A, Han, B et al. (3 more authors) (2017) Development of a novel in-situ technique for hydrogen uptake evaluation from a lubricated tribocontact. Tribology International. ISSN 0301-679X

Abtan, AA, Richardson, RC and Thomas, B (2017) Analyzing the 3D Printed Material Tango Plus FLX930 for Using in Self-Folding Structure. In: International Conference for Students on Applied Engineering (ICSAE). ICSAE 2016: The International Conference for Students on Applied Engineering, 20-21 Oct 2016, Newcastle, UK. IEEE . ISBN 978-1-4673-9053-8

Abusaksaka, AB and Partington, JR (2017) Diffusive systems and weighted Hankel operators. Operators and Matrices, 11 (1). 11-09. pp. 125-132. ISSN 1846-3886

Abuserwal, A.F., Elizondo Luna, E.M., Goodall, R. et al. (1 more author) (2017) The effective thermal conductivity of open cell replicated aluminium metal sponges. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 108 (B). pp. 1439-1448. ISSN 0017-9310

Acharjee, A, Prentice, P, Acerini, C et al. (6 more authors) (2017) The translation of lipid profiles to nutritional biomarkers in the study of infant metabolism. Metabolomics, 13 (3). 25. ISSN 1573-3882

Acharya, S, Bryant, L and Twiddy, M (2017) Altruism or obligation? The motivations and experience of women who donate oocytes to known recipients in assisted conception treatment: an interpretative phenomenological analysis study. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology, 38 (1). pp. 4-11. ISSN 0167-482X

Acquaye, A., Feng, K., Oppon, E. et al. (4 more authors) (2017) Measuring the Environmental Sustainability Performance of Global Supply Chains: a Multi-Regional Input-Output analysis for Carbon, Sulphur Oxide and Water Footprints. Journal of Environmental Management, 187. pp. 571-585. ISSN 0301-4797

Adal, E, Sadeghpour, A, Connell, S et al. (3 more authors) (2017) Heteroprotein complex formation of bovine lactoferrin and pea protein isolate: A multiscale structural analysis. Biomacromolecules, 18 (2). pp. 625-635. ISSN 1525-7797

Adami, A, Cao, R, Porszasz, J et al. (2 more authors) (2017) Reproducibility of NIRS Assessment of Muscle Oxidative Capacity in Smokers With and Without COPD. Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology, 235. pp. 18-26. ISSN 1569-9048

Adami, E (2017) Multimodality and superdiversity: evidence for a research agenda. Working Paper. Tilburg Papers in Culture Studies, 177 . Babylon Center for the Study of Superdiversity, Tilburg University , Tilburg, Netherlands.

Adams, C, Harput, S, Cowell, D et al. (3 more authors) (2017) An Adaptive Array Excitation Scheme for the Unidirectional Enhancement of Guided Waves. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, 64 (2). pp. 441-451. ISSN 0885-3010

Adams, SE, Arnold, D, Murphy, B et al. (7 more authors) (2017) A randomised clinical study to determine the effect of a toothpaste containing enzymes and proteins on plaque oral microbiome ecology. Scientific Reports, 7 (43344). 43344. ISSN 2045-2322

Adeyemi, OO, Nicol, C, Stonehouse, NJ et al. (1 more author) (2017) Increasing type-1 poliovirus capsid stability by thermal selection. Journal of Virology, 91 (4). e01586-16. ISSN 0022-538X

Adiya, ZISG, Dupont, V and Mahmud, T (2017) Chemical equilibrium analysis of hydrogen production from shale gas using sorption enhanced chemical looping steam reforming. Fuel Processing Technology, 159. pp. 128-144. ISSN 0378-3820

Adler, I, Kanté, MM and Kwon, O-J (2017) Linear Rank-Width of Distance-Hereditary Graphs I. A Polynomial-Time Algorithm. Algorithmica, 78 (1). pp. 342-377. ISSN 0178-4617

Adler, I, Kolliopoulos, SG, Krause, PK et al. (3 more authors) (2017) Irrelevant vertices for the planar Disjoint Paths Problem. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 122. pp. 815-843. ISSN 0095-8956

Adolphus, K, Bellissimo, N, Lawton, CL et al. (4 more authors) (2017) Methodological Challenges in Studies Examining the Effects of Breakfast on Cognitive Performance and Appetite in Children and Adolescents. Advances in Nutrition: An International Review Journal, 8 (1). 184S-196S. ISSN 2161-8313

Afionis, S, Sakai, M, Scott, K et al. (2 more authors) (2017) Consumption-based carbon accounting: does it have a future? Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 8 (1). e438. ISSN 1757-7780

Afzal, A, Zzaidi, SRA, McLernon, DC et al. (2 more authors) (2017) M2M meets D2D: Harnessing D2D Interfaces for the Aggregation of M2M Data. In: 2017 IEEE International Conference on Communications. IEEE ICC'17: Bridging People, Communities, and Cultures, 21-25 May 2017, Paris, France. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers . (In Press)

Agarwal, R. and Chauvet, A.A.P. (2017) Ultrafast Dynamics of the Photo-Excited Hemes b and cn in the Cytochrome b6f Complex. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. ISSN 1463-9076

Agatz, Annika, Ashauer, Roman, Sweeney, Paul et al. (1 more author) (2017) Prediction Of Pest Pressure on Corn Root Nodes – The POPP-Corn model. Journal of Pest Science. ISSN 1612-4766

Agatz, Annika and Brown, Colin David (2017) Introducing the 2-DROPS model for two-dimensional simulation of crop roots and pesticide within the soil-root zone. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT. ISSN 0048-9697

Agbro, E, Tomlin, AS, Lawes, M et al. (2 more authors) (2017) The Influence of n-Butanol Blending on the Ignition Delay Times of Gasoline and Its Surrogate at High Pressures. Fuel, 187. pp. 211-219. ISSN 0016-2361

Agirre, Jon (2017) Strategies for carbohydrate model building, refinement and validation. Acta crystallographica. Section D, Structural biology. pp. 171-186. ISSN 2059-7983

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Agler, J, Lykova, ZA and Young, NJ (2017) Finite Blaschke products and the construction of rational Γ-inner functions. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 447 (2). pp. 1163-1196. ISSN 0022-247X

Agnew, G, Grier, A, Taimre, T et al. (8 more authors) (2017) Temperature Dependent High Speed Dynamics of Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23 (4). 1200209. ISSN 1077-260X

Ahmadian, MJ (2017) Neurolinguistic Programming. In: Liontas, JI, (ed.) The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching. TESOL International Association & Wiley , UK . (In Press)

Ahmed, Iftikhar, Khan, Muhammad Asim and Allgar, Victoria (2017) Influence of Anaesthesia on Mobilisation Following Hip Fracture Surgery : An Observational Study: 麻醉技術對髖部骨折病人術後活動能力的影響:一項觀察性研究. Journal of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation. pp. 41-47. ISSN 2210-4925

Ahmed, NS, Menzel, R, Wang, Y et al. (5 more authors) (2017) Graphene-oxide-supported CuAl and CoAl layered double hydroxides as enhanced catalysts for carbon-carbon coupling via Ullmann reaction. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 246. pp. 130-137. ISSN 0022-4596

Ahmed, S, Jafri, H, Rashid, Y et al. (3 more authors) (2017) Attitudes towards non-invasive prenatal diagnosis among obstetricians in Pakistan: a developing, Islamic country. Prenatal Diagnosis, 37 (3). pp. 289-295. ISSN 0197-3851

Ai, S., Lu, B., Chen, J. et al. (2 more authors) (2017) Evaluation of deformation stability and fracture mechanism in incremental sheet forming. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. ISSN 0020-7403

Aiken, GT, Middlemiss, L, Sallu, S et al. (1 more author) (2017) Researching climate change and community in neoliberal contexts: an emerging critical approach. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change. ISSN 1757-7780 (In Press)

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Akparibo, R., Harris, J., Blank, L. et al. (2 more authors) (2017) Severe acute malnutrition in children aged under 5 years can be successfully managed in a non-emergency routine community healthcare setting in Ghana. Maternal and Child Nutrition. ISSN 1740-8695

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Al-Jaf, O., Alswieleh, A., Armes, S.P. et al. (1 more author) (2017) Nanotribological properties of nanostructured poly(cysteine methacrylate) brushes. Soft Matter. ISSN 1744-683X

Al-Jawahiri, R. and Milne, E. (2017) Resources available for autism research in the big data era: a systematic review. PeerJ, 5. e2880.

Al-Kashoash, H, Hafeez, M and Kemp, A (2017) Congestion Control for 6LoWPAN Networks: A Game Theoretic Framework. IEEE Internet of Things.

Al-Neama, AF, Kapur, N, Summers, J et al. (1 more author) (2017) An experimental and numerical investigation of the use of liquid flow in serpentine microchannels for microelectronics cooling. Applied Thermal Engineering, 116. pp. 709-723. ISSN 1359-4311

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Al-Zainaldin, S, Glover, PWJ and Lorinczi, P (2017) Synthetic Fractal Modelling of Heterogeneous and Anisotropic Reservoirs for use in Simulation Studies: Implications on their Hydrocarbon Recovery Prediction. Transport in Porous Media, 116 (1). pp. 181-212. ISSN 0169-3913

Al-naumani, Y.H. and Rossiter, J.A. (2017) Gas Phase Train in Upstream Oil and Gas Fields: PART-III Control Systems Design. In: Proceedings of the IFAC World Congress 2017. IFAC World Congress 2017, 9-14 July 2017, Toulouse, France. . (In Press)

AlSabbagh, M, Siu, YL, Guehnemann, A et al. (1 more author) (2017) Integrated approach to the assessment of CO2e-mitigation measures for the road passenger transport sector in Bahrain. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 71. pp. 203-215. ISSN 1364-0321

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Alabas, OA, Hall, M, Dondo, TB et al. (6 more authors) (2017) Long-term excess mortality associated with diabetes following acute myocardial infarction: a population-based cohort study. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 71 (1). pp. 25-32. ISSN 0143-005X

Alageshan, J.K., Chakrabarti, B. and Hatwalne, Y. (2017) Elasticity of smectic liquid crystals with in-plane orientational order and dispiration asymmetry. Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 95 (2). ISSN 1539-3755

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Ali, U., Font-Palma, C., Somehsaraei, H. et al. (7 more authors) (2017) Benchmarking of a micro gas turbine model integrated with post-combustion CO2 capture. Energy. ISSN 0360-5442 (In Press)

Ali, U., Hughes, K.J., Ingham, D.B. et al. (2 more authors) (2017) Effect of the CO2 enhancement on the performance of a micro gas turbine with a pilot-scale CO2 capture plant. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 117. pp. 11-23. ISSN 0263-8762

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Almond, K (2017) ‘A Review of Zero Waste Fashion Design’ by Timo Rissanen and Holly McQuillan (Book review). Fashion Practice. ISSN 1756-9370 (In Press)

Alomari, M, Duckworth, P, Hogg, DC et al. (1 more author) (2017) Learning of Object Properties, Spatial Relations, and Actions for Embodied Agents from Language and Vision. In: To be confirmed. AAAI Spring Symposium Series: Symposium on Interactive Multi-Sensory Object Perception for Embodied Agents, 27-29 Mar 2017, Stanford University, CA. AAAI Press . (In Press)

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