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Eyre, DW, Peto, TEA, Crook, DW et al. (2 more authors) (2019) Hash-based core genome multi-locus sequencing typing for Clostridium difficile. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. ISSN 0095-1137

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Dingle, KE, Didelot, X, Quan, TP et al. (14 more authors) (2019) A Role for Tetracycline Selection in Recent Evolution of Agriculture-Associated Clostridium difficile PCR Ribotype 078. mBio, 10 (2). e02790-18. ISSN 2150-7511

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Eyre, DW, Davies, KA, Davis, G et al. (9 more authors) (2018) Two Distinct Patterns of Clostridium Difficile Diversity Across Europe Indicates Contrasting Routes of Spread. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 67 (7). pp. 1035-1044. ISSN 1058-4838

Martin, J, Phan, HTT, Findlay, J et al. (17 more authors) (2017) Covert dissemination of carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC) in a successfully controlled outbreak: long and short-read whole-genome sequencing demonstrate multiple genetic modes of transmission. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 72 (11). pp. 3025-3034. ISSN 0305-7453

Stoesser, N, Eyre, DW, Quan, TP et al. (20 more authors) (2017) Epidemiology of Clostridium difficile in infants in Oxfordshire, UK: Risk factors for colonization and carriage, and genetic overlap with regional C. difficile infection strains. PLoS One, 12 (8). e0182307. ISSN 1932-6203

Eyre, DW, Fawley, WN, Rajgopal, A et al. (8 more authors) (2017) Comparison of Control of Clostridium difficile Infection in Six English Hospitals Using Whole-Genome Sequencing. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 65 (3). pp. 433-441. ISSN 1058-4838

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Eyre, DW, Dingle, KE, Didelot, X et al. (5 more authors) (2017) Clostridium difficile in England: can we stop washing our hands? – Authors' reply. Lancet Infectious Diseases, 17 (5). pp. 478-479. ISSN 1473-3099

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Eyre, DW, Walker, AS, Freeman, J et al. (8 more authors) (2013) Short-Term Genome Stability of Serial Clostridium difficile Ribotype 027 Isolates in an Experimental Gut Model and Recurrent Human Disease. PLoS ONE, 8 (5). e63540. ISSN 1932-6203

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Walker, AS, Eyre, DW, Wyllie, DH et al. (9 more authors) (2012) Characterisation of clostridium difficile hospital ward-based transmission using extensive epidemiological data and molecular typing. PLoS Medicine, 9 (2). e1001172. ISSN 1549-1277

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