The Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP) is an application profile to describe scholarly works or eprints using Dublin Core.

Our reasons for interest in SWAP


We think there is a good fit between SWAP and requirements we have within WRRO. We considered how to progress implementation. Though we felt that we had developed our understanding of SWAP to a modest level within the project team, we could see difficulties with applying this abstract model to our repository. In particular, implementing SWAP at a local level would mean customisation of our Eprints software - which could make future upgrades to new versions of Eprints more difficult. We understand that many of the SWAP relationships are already captured within Eprints. Information about the next version of Eprints (3.1 at the time of writing) suggests that it is more SWAP-like. We therefore decided that to make any further changes locally to implement SWAP might be counterproductive. We will review to what extent Eprints has addressed our requirements after our upgrade to Eprints 3.1 and, if necessary, at that point revisit any local work required to implement SWAP.

Further information about SWAP

Allinson, J., Johnston, P. and Powell, A. (2007) 'A Dublin Core Application Profile for scholarly works'. Ariadne, vol. 50 (http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue50/allinson-et-al/).