Publicity materials

Over the past few years, a range of publicity materials have been produced for WRRO - leaflets, posters, handouts and standard Powerpoint slides for inclusion in presentatons by, for example, subject librarians. These materials were produced in-house and, though they have had some usage, it was felt that professionally produced publicity materials would have a greater impact. Our IncReASe questionnaire highlighted that awareness is still low amongst researchers and it is hoped that a renewed advocacy campaign in 2009 will improve this.

As part of this campaign, we have created a leaflet and poster which can be used across all three partner institutions. These material emphases that WRRO deposit will boost visibility and impact. The leaflet aims to spell out, in a simple and transparent way, the benefits of deposit and what actions depositors should take.

Leaflet: Put your research papers on the internet... where everyone can find and read them

Poster: Boost your research impact

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