IRs and web pages

Imperial College feeds metadata and full text from their central publication system to populate their DSpace Repository. The same publication system also populates local researcher pages, including links to the full text of research papers in the DSpace repository where these are available. For example, see Professor Peter Knight's publication page.

The Electronics and Computer Science Department in Southampton use their departmental EPrints repository to generate personal publication lists. For example, see, Les Carr's publication page.

Many researchers independently populate their own web pages with copies of their research. It could be helpful to support researchers in this activity by offering a service which will provide longer term URLs for their work as well as more effective curation than may be possible where work is scattered across local servers.

Some WRRO depositors have linked to copies of their work from their personal page - for example, Professor Malcolm Heath and Professor John Topham. Others have linked to their full departmental publication listfrom their personal page, for example, several pages within the Unviersity of Leeds Department of Philosophy website contain the standard line:

"Downloadable versions of papers freely available via White Rose Research Online " linking to the list of papers for this department.

Our access statistics show that links from personal pages provide an important access route into repository data. This finding is confirmed by our interviews with researchers; seeking out someone's personal web site and publication list frequently forms part of academics' research and current awareness processes.

For White Rose, it may well be that publication lists of this type are generated by a central publication system rather than WRRO. This is likely to be the case for Leeds though the position at Sheffield and York is less clear at the moment. In the absence of a structured feed to personal web pages via a central system, we have developed basic advice for researchers wanting to use the repository to feed their web pages.