Interview summaries

Who deposits - or might deposit - work in the repository? When? What information should be fed back to the researchers? Are there departmental variations in the deposit process and the appeal of repository based services?

We are conducting a series of interviews in order to:

We will be talking to a range of researchers but also hope to look at the needs of departmental administrators who may be involved in identifying and depositing research.

Our interviews to date are listed here.

Researchers: discussion areas

Out initial discussion areas were very broad and we found we were attempting to cover too much ground in a 1 hour interview. The key areas included in interviews are:

1. Accessing research ouputs ; how do you find work; where do you want to be seen?

2. Open access awareness.

3. Attitude towards copyright agreements.

4. What do you want to disseminate?

5. When should it be captured?

6. How can we help you comply with funder mandates?

7. Where (else) do you want to deposit?

8. How could WRRO be of most help to you?

9. Attitude towards WRRO as a consortial repository.

10. What else should we be asking you?