Research Funders and their Repository Deposit Requirements

Several research funders require their fundees to make research outputs openly available either through publication in an open access journal or by depositing a copy of the work in an open access repository.

The policies of some key funders are summarised in the JULIET database -

We also have a local file for White Rose Research Online (WRRO) showing what is required to fulfil the deposit requirements of the Research Councils and the Wellcome trust: Funder Policies document.

For several funders, deposit into an institutional open access repository, such as WRRO, meets their open access deposit requirement.

The main exceptions to this are:

MRC and Wellcome Trust - which require deposit into UK PubMed Central.

ESRC - which requires deposit into their local Awards and Outputs Repository. Specifically, for awards from grant applications submitted from 1 October 2006, fundees are required to:

WRRO is working with ESRC to investigate how to enable a single deposit of metadata and file(s) (whether into a local institutional repository or into ESRC's repository) can feed both repositories - and possibly other relevant systems.

ESRC Deposit Scenarios