Researcher behaviour

The project is analysing current self-archiving behaviour through web site analysis, an online questionnaire and individual interviews. The aim of this work is to understand how the repository might fit with current work practices and what actions we can take to make the repository more attractive to potential depositors.

Results to date

Web site survey: a survey of pre-existing sources of full text and metadata across the White Rose Consortium. The aim was to discover department based databases and other collections of papers that could be imported into WRRO.

Questionnaire results: researchers' attitudes towards open access. This online questionnaire was answered by 325 academic staff and research postgraduates across the three White Rose universities.

Interview summaries: based on interviews with a number of academic staff. These summaries capture individual work practices and some disciplinary differences

Services report : areas for possible service development suggested by questionnaire and interviews.

Synthesis report: summary of findings from Workpackage 2, the user needs analysis.