Overall approach

Strategy / Methodology

The IncReASe work builds on the experiences of the White Rose partners in advocating the repository to researchers and providing and managing a shared institutional repository. The project can be divided into four phases:

  1. Investigation of metadata sources across the Consortium and identification of pilot departments for workflow analysis and bulk data upload
  2. Metadata enhancement as part of the repository ingest process
  3. Building repository deposit into the standard research workflow
  4. Offering services back to departments

Early phases (i) and (ii) will enhance the existing core repository service, implementing features of the EPrints 3 software and identifying opportunities for bulk ingest. Workflow analysis will enable the development of a strategy for the embedding phase (iii) and, as greater mass of content is achieved, repository based services, phase (iv) will be feasible.
The project addresses key areas outlined in the Repositories and Preservation programme, specifically:

Project success will require careful liaison with the Research Support Offices at the three White Rose institutions and collaboration with ESRC repository staff.

Scope and Boundaries

Pilot departments will be selected from across the consortium and investigation of metadata sources will also be carried out at all three institutions.

The project aims to identify pilot departments based on:

The scope of the project will, to some extent, be dictated by the levels of cooperation and interest from White Rose departments and research groups.

Critical Success Factors