The IncReASe project will build upon the first phase of White Rose Research Online, a shared institutional repository for the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. The repository runs on GNU ePrints software and contains a variety of research outputs from across the Consortium.

The project will investigate ways of increasing the amount of content in White Rose Research Online by assessing how the repository can best be located within researcher workflows. In particular, we will look at which repository upload and checking processes could be automated. In order to encourage researchers to use the repository, we will aim to:

The wider repository community

Areas addressed in the IncReASe project may be of general interest to the broader repository community. The project aims to:

This repository is contributing to JISC RepositoryNet.
The aim of JISC RepositoryNet is to help form an interoperable network of repositories. It will do this by providing UK universities and colleges with access to trusted and expert information about repositories and by supporting some key services that form building blocks for a network of repositories.