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Publication Lists

1. By Department

(i) Use 'Browse' to navigate to your Department; you will see a list of publications.

(ii) If you wish to Export the list of publications, you will need to generate a search. Go to Advanced Search and select your department from the "Academic Units" list and click Search.

Various Export options are listed at the top of the page. For example, ASCII is a plain text format ready for cutting and pasting into a report. Or you can export to reference management software (EndNote and Reference Manager).

The generated URL from (i) and (ii) can be included in your web page. If you have particular needs, let us know (eprints@whiterose.ac.uk).

2. By person

It's possible to Browse by Person. Unfortunately, there are variation in author surname formats and there may be two or more authors with the same name (Smith, J.). Therefore Browse is of some use in listing your publications (an unusal name, entered consistently), but not ideal.

A better method is to go to Advanced Search, enter your surname and then select your department from the Academic Unit list. This should yield better results but may still contain false hits (if there is another person with the same name in your department; if one of your colleagues has co-authored a paper with an author with the same surname).

All searches can be used to form RSS feeds - to keep up to date with the additional of your departmental or individual papers, for example.



Page last updated: 23 March, 2009