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University of Leeds staff: Depositing your publications through the Leeds Publication Database - 'Symplectic'

Symplectic holds a comprehensive collection of research outputs for the University of Leeds. If you are University of Leeds staff, you can log in to Symplectic with your usual computer username and password. White Rose Research Online (WRRO) works in conjunction with Symplectic to make your publications freely available where (i) you have uploaded the text of the work and (ii) copyright permits. Need help using Symplectic? Try the Quick Start Guide or the movie on how to upload full text to Symplectic . The screenshots below are out of date although full text upload process is roughly the same.

Upload your publications

  1. In Symplectic, approve your publication in the normal way or create a manual entry.
  2. Your publications are listed on screen with various tabs - one is "Full text". Click on the "Full text" tab and then click on "Manage full text for this publication".

    screen shot showing Symplectic tabs

  3. Browse to the file you wish to upload e.g. on your local drive or on a memory stick, click on "Open" and then "Upload".
  4. Click the "Grant" button to apply the deposit licence (recommended). NB it is not essential to do this at this stage but if you choose not to you will be asked to apply the licence once your publication has been checked by library staff.

    Screenshot showing upload and licence screen in Symplectic

Your publication is deposited automatically - you need take no further action. Library staff will check your publication metadata and assess the copyright status of any attached file(s). If the uploaded file complies with the publisher policy outlined on the Sherpa/RoMEO database of publisher copyright agreements, it will be made available. If the publisher policy is not known, the Library will seek deposit permission in most cases (in consultation with the depositing author).

Our approach to copyright

We will:
  1. Avoid any obvious and systematic breach of copyright
  2. Take down material on request

Please note, many publishers allow us to disseminate journal articles but it is usually the final peer reviewed copy of the work (also known as the "Accepted Version") which can be made freely available rather than the final published PDF with publisher formatting. If in doubt, check the Sherpa/RoMEO database, any licence you signed with your publisher, seek permission directly from your publisher or seek advice from Library staff eprints@whiterose.ac.uk.

Automatic matching of records in WRRO

Papers deposited into WRRO prior to the Symplectic-WRRO connection have been automatically linked to matching records in Symplectic. If you spot any errors or omissions please email eprints@whiterose.ac.uk.

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Page last updated: 27 April, 2011